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Queen Beaufair XC Ariel Bennett 

 South Beauregard High School . 

King Beaufair 90

Robert E. Emmons

Mr. Robert Emmons is a native of Beauregard Parish. He was born in 1942, he attended Merryville School in Merryville La.

Mr. Emmons was married for 29 yrs. before the passing of his beloved wife Frances Cain Emmons in 1994. He and Mrs. Frances had 2 children, and now have 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

During his time of being a patron of Beauregard parish he was employed during school at Moses Service Station. After school he became a butcher at DeRidder Locker plant and then moved onto his job as a crew leader for the State Forestry Department. Mr. Robert was employed with the Forestry dept. for 33 years and retired in 1996. During his life time he also has been a wonderful servant to our community here in DeRidder and surrounding areas. He has volunteered his time at the Beauregard Parish Fair for the past 43 yrs. During this time Mr. Robert has become their” go to guy”! You need something done he will try his very best to make sure it happens.

Mr. Emmons has told us he loves to serve his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is a member of Temple Baptist Church here in Deridder. He is a record keeper and also helps out with ground keeping.

When asked ” what was his favorite thing about the Beauregard Parish Fair, Mr. Emmons tells us He loves being able to get dressed up as Abraham Lincoln and ride in the annual Fair parade. Seeing all the smiles of the patrons that come out by the 1000’s and the little kids saying “Look Mom, There’s Abe Lincoln “! Will never get old! I love our community and I loved to see everyone enjoy themselves on the grounds. He says also seeing the seniors on “Old Folks” (his words) Day makes all his years volunteering that much more special also. They are the ones that looks forward to “their Day “the most! I am glad I can be a part of it all.

The Beauregard Parish Fair Association has always been a blessing to me and I am Humbled the association things I was a servant to be called “King”.